Business Incubator Networking Group in Des Moines Iowa | BING profile v5B.I.N.G. First Friday is a monthly morning business networking event in West Des Moines Iowa dedicated to helping small business owners, business professionals and people interested in building their business, professional and/or social network … offline.

No agenda. No speaker. No RSVP. Just good ol’ fashioned conversation over coffee. Meet new people. Get your name out there. Reconnect with people just for the sake of reconnecting. Novel idea, I know.

New, shy, not comfortable reaching your hand out, or maybe you just want to make it easy for someone to introduce themselves? Where a name tag. I will be.

Who: Open to the public.
When: Every non-holiday First Friday 7:30 am – 9:30 am (starting November 3rd, 2017)
Where: To be determined. Have a preference for a permanent location? See up-to-date location information here.


Q – What is the cost to attend B.I.N.G. First Friday?
A – Nada. It’d be cool, though, if you bought a coffee, breakfast drink, or other confection at the counter to support our host establishment. Absolutely not required though.

Q – Does your group limit the number of people representing each profession?
A – Um…no.

Q – What are your membership requirements?
A – None. There isn’t a membership. Just people who can make it to the event.

Q – What if you’re not a business professional?
A – No problem. Maybe you’re an artist. Maybe you’re a rocket scientist, inventor, or computer programmer. Maybe you want to network to find that perfect job or career. Maybe you don’t consider yourself a business professional but have business aspirations. Join us.


Business Incubator Networking Group – Iowa (BING-IA) organizes the group and events. See About.