Looking for something more than just a professional leads/referral-based business networking group?

B.I.N.G. Leads to Sales takes the business networking group model one step further by focusing on helping you get more leads and sales, instead of just hoping to get a lead every week.

As you may suspect, leveraging your professional networking skills, implementing proven prospecting strategies, honing your message, and tightening all this up will drastically improve your business development efforts.

Of course sharing qualified leads is paramount in this group, and we also share best practices, utilize the power of a peer setting, and consult one on one to virtually guarantee success.

Already have a team back at headquarters? Probably not like this one…

#1 If you’re already the top dog, who’s helping you grow further?

#2 If you’re not the top dog, who’s been helping you grow?

Teams help each other. That’s the whole point. And, that’s what this weekly lunch group is all about.

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