Business Incubator Networking Group in Des Moines Iowa | BING profile v5B.I.N.G. Sweat Equity Saturday is a weekly collaborative workshop where you’ll meet like-minded people with businesses or business startup aspirations. Get help starting or growing your business and/or offer your expertise and time to others. This is a time and a place to get things done and make things happen!

Some examples of what you can learn/accomplish: network and brainstorm with like-minded people, work on your pitch, marketing for your business, website help, work on a newsletter, role play, learn business stuff, learn business acumen, financial aspects, sales, growth strategies, utilize the Business Model Canvas, get objective feedback, accounting tips/help, troubleshoot growing pains, and the list goes on and on.

What’s the next thing you need to check off your list?

Who: Open to the public.
When: Every Saturday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm (Holiday exceptions will be announced)
Where: 318 5th Street West Des Moines Iowa 50265

***We’ve moved as of June 1, 2016 to***

***318 5th Street West Des Moines, Iowa 50265***

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Q – Do we need to bring anything?
A – Business cards if you like to network, something to jot things down if you come across a great idea (happens often.)

Q – Start time says 8. Can you clarify for me? Is this a soft start?
A – Yes, soft start. Coffee, networking, small talk, tour the facility, check emails, etc.

Q – Emergency phone number (e.g. If the outside door locked because it’s on a Saturday, etc.)
A – My mobile is 515-205-5160 or contact the West Des Moines Business Incubator staff

Q – Is business casual ok?
A – Business casual at best. I wear jeans and a button shirt, polo or t-shirt sometimes. It’s Saturday, after all!

Q – I’d like to attend, but may not be able to stay the entire time. Is that ok?
A – OK!

Q – Is there an agenda?
A – The only agenda item is an 8:30 huddle to share:
1. Our contact info.
2. Our project, opportunities, and challenges.
3. Our next step that could get done today if the right help was in the room.
4. Our skill set and experience that we are willing to offer to anyone in the room at no charge today.
After the initial introductions, the meeting goes with the flow depending on what the people attending are needing, wanting or would like to engage in that would help them the most when considering the knowledge, skill and experience in the room. Some Saturdays we network, sometimes we do through the Business Model Canvas together, sometimes we break out into smaller groups lead by an expert in whatever area, sometimes we talk/walk people through their challenges as a group, and other times we learning-centered games/activities, like Rich Dad’s Cashflow 101 board game.

Q – Is there any thought in the group to change the meeting time to a little later in the day instead of 8 am in the morning? We’d like to join the meetings, however Saturday morning at 8:00 am doesn’t work for us.
A – There’s no such thing as being late or leaving early, officially. 8:00 is a soft start and an introduction “huddle” starts at 8:30. Also, it’s not actually a four-hour meeting. Some Saturdays have more structure than others, but it’s always a four hour come-and-go-as-you-please event. So, you can come anytime you can make it. The only thing you’d miss out on is hearing other’s introductions of themselves. I’ll make sure you’re entered into the mix of whatever happens to be going on. Thx for asking.

Q – I was wondering of you could tell me more.
A – This Meetup is geared towards helping small businesses start and grow by actually rolling up our sleeves and helping each other do things that help. Yes, networking does happen as a natural results of talking to each other, but that’s only a small part of what we’re doing. The goal is to have people actively working on each others checklists and to-dos with the individual skill sets each of us brings to the table. For example, web design, SEO, accounting, legal, graphic design, HR expertise, marketing expertise, etc. If you have skills you’d like to offer to the group, or if you have needs the group can help, feel free to join us.

Q – I am currently not a business owner but would like to be soon. I am more coming along to hear some first hand accounts of business creation. That being said I want to make sure this group is right for me, do you see any issue with a non business owner joining in as more of an observer than a participant?
A – You’re half the reason I started this group. See you when you get here!

Q – Is there a specific topic you’re discussing?
A – The topic changes from week to week. If we know ahead of time, we might post it on the calendar here.

Q – Is it a one on one talk or kind of workshop?
A – Both, kind of. We start off with group introductions, then often times will split off into one on one or smaller groups. Sometimes after the group introductions, we’ll have a spontaneous mini-workshop. This depends on the needs of the group any given Saturday. If we know ahead of time, we might post it on the calendar here.

BTW – It’s also free open coworking time in the West Des Moines Business Incubator, if the “official” activities aren’t of interest. Find a quiet spot and focus on whatever you need to focus on. Or, meet with your team or business contacts ‘til noon.

Thanks for asking!

How: RSVP here.


Business Incubator Networking Group – Iowa (BING-IA) organizes the group and events. See About.



This is the place to keep moving on your dreams! I have found it very insightful and encouraging. I am still working out the basics, but I have a dream of starting my own campground. I hope I can help and encourage others while helping myself.

What Laurie is saying about this Meetup Group

Have you always wanted to know what it’s like to have a mentor? This is it. The people who come here are resolved to build businesses, their own and yours. There is always room to learn and do more! I can’t say enough good things about the professional support I am receiving in this group.