Business Incubator Networking Group – Iowa loves these links!


Business Model Generation-type Freebees

Business Model Canvas poster.pdf

Business Model Generation – 72 page preview.pdf Great for filling out the Business Model Canvas the first time through!

The Value Proposition Canvas poster.pdf (see also,

Customer Empathy Map poster.pdf (see also empathy-map.pdf)

The Startup Owners Manual preview.pdf


Weekly Meeting Freebees

LinkedIn Personal Branding checklist.pdf


Dynamic Equity Splits aka Grunt Fund

Slicing Pie Grunt Fund Cheat Sheet PDF

Get Them Gators! A Primer on the Power of Dynamic Equity Splits for Potential Investors, Partners and Employees PDF

Slicing Pie v2.3 FREE-SAMPLE August 10 2013 PDF


Creating Your Positioning Statement

C1 Small Business Position Statement PDF


Recommended External Resources
Here are some good business networking questions to ask during your one on one networking interview?

Bob Burg’s Networking Questions – PDF DBB9S

Al Duncan’s Million Dollar Networking Questions – PDF NR4K4


BNI GAINS Exchange Form – PDF A3K6Z

BNI GAINS Profile Worksheet – PDF TP36N

BNI Paul Clegg Thinking Laterally – PDF CR5NK


Business networking tips and techniques for networking events and networking websites


Recommended Books

The $100 Startup

Accounting for Dummies

Art of the Start

Bad Proposition Design

Built to Sell

Business Model Generation

Convince Them In 90 Seconds

Courage to be Profitable

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development

The Four Steps to the Epiphany

Lean Analytics | Lean Series

Lean Branding | Lean Series

Lean Customer Development | Lean Series

Lean Enterprise | Lean Series

The Lean Entrepreneur

The Lean Startup | Lean Series

Lean Startup Marketing

Lean UX | Lean Series

Persuasion Engineering

Pitch Ninja

Ready, Fire, Aim

Running Lean | Lean Series

Slicing Pie

The Startup Owner’s Manual

Talking to Humans

Trade Show Samurai

Unlimited Power

UX for Lean Startups | Lean Series

Value Proposition Design


Other Recommended Reading

Why the Lean Startup Changes Everything


Recommended Entrepreneur Websites