During B.I.N.G. Lunch ’n’ Learn
Thursdays over lunch hour

Inspired Grounds Cafe
117 5th Street, West Des Moines, Iowa 50265

We invite you to submit a proposal for presentation during a B.I.N.G. Lunch ’n’ Learn. This weekly event is organized by Business Incubator Networking Group. This event is sponsored and hosted by West Des Moines Business Incubator and will take place in Valley Junction (West Des Moines, Iowa) on any non-holiday Thursday over the lunch hour (see meeting calendar for availability.) Business Incubator Networking Group, since July 2014, has provided a weekly business event for a wide variety of industries represented by over 350 local business professionals. We host 25-30 people weekly.

To get your message out there. Tell your story. Share your expertise. Improve your community.

Topics of interest
Your personal business success story
Business networking
Sales & marketing
Business startup topics
Lessons learned in business
Just about any topic relevant to business professionals
See non-exhaustive list of speaking topics

Have a story to tell
Success in some area of business
Expertise in some area of business (subject-matter expert)
Ample experience speaking to a group of business professionals. If you have a media kit, you’re probably over-qualified. If you don’t charge for speaking, you’re perfect. If you’ve spoken in front of business professionals less than a dozen times, you’re probably under-qualified.

Guide for speakers
The deadline to submit abstracts is 30 days prior to an available Thursday. See available Thursdays here.
To submit your presentation/speaking topic, please email it to email@businessincubatornetworkinggroup.com
Any and all attendee registration/fee requests are not assumed and need to be discussed and agreed up front.

Benefits of Speaking
B.I.N.G. provides a platform to an audience of 400+ local business professionals and shares knowledge, lessons learned, and best practices in business. As a free event, B.I.N.G. does not provide speaking fees. Instead, we ask that presenters share their expertise in the spirit of furthering the professional development of your community. In exchange, we offer presenters the following:
• Networking opportunities with and visibility to 20-30 local business professionals;
• Exposure via our email list, website, and other possible promotions;
• Experience speaking to a small size business audience;
• Potential for future presentations;
• Potential business relationships.

Speaking session will last 10-40 minutes, and we encourage you to leave time at the end for questions. Presenters should anticipate an audience size of approximately 20 to 30 people (more or less in some cases), and should design their presentation approaches with the facility logistics in mind. Please note that we are sometimes able to modify or alter seating arrangements/set-ups for speaker preferences. Rooms are equipped with standardized audio-visual: projection unit/screen and a microphone; any other A/V needs are arranged for by the presenter.

Important Dates
Notice of interest: Greater than 30 days from desired event date. (We’ll follow up ASAP)
Deadline for submission: No later than 30 days prior.
Notification of acceptance: 1 week after submission (barring follow-up correspondence).
Deadline for electronic copy of outline, Powerpoint, and handouts: 1 week prior to event.
NOTE: We can print your documents for attendee distribution upon request.

Organizing committee
Jade Handy 515-721-8260

For any inquiries regarding the program, please contact: email@businessincubatornetworkinggroup.com

We look forward to your submission and presentation at B.I.N.G. Lunch ’n’ Learn!

Sincerely, Jade Handy

P.S. Feel free to visit a meeting prior to deciding or presenting.