Business Incubator Networking Group In Des Moines Iowa

Our Business Networking Group in West Des Moines Iowa Beta Test Was A Success!

Our Business Networking Group in West Des Moines Iowa beta test was a success! How exciting!

13 local professionals attended our first meeting. Business owners from a wide variety of industries were represented, as well as people from fitness, accounting, international trade, entertainment, social media, website development, engineering, tele-psychiatry technology, commercial construction, and city government all saw the need to network and learn about growing businesses. True to our roots (like any early stage startup,) we (meaning BING-IA) are focused on discovering the problem-solution fit with business owners wanting to launch and/or grow their business. So far, it’s finding that perfect mix between networking, lead generation and learning what it takes to make a business a success. Learn and grow with us.

Our next meeting will be July 10th. RSVP here (so we know how much free food to provide.)