Plug ‘n’ Play Lunch ‘n’ Learn | Networking Assessment

This highly relevant engaging lunch and learn on business networking can be a simple, yet powerfully enlightening or an important reminder of the importance of business networking.

It’s not easy to find a plug ‘n’ play lunch ‘n’ learn exercise for a short presentation or training that’s fun, fast and has business application.

You can never brush up to much on the basics!

Business Benefit

When you’re looking for a fun fast lunch ‘n’ learn for any audience and want at least some business applicability and professional development, this is for you.

Networking is is the breakfast of champions.

Pro Tip

Fully engage your audience by calling on the attendees to share their personal experiences with networking by commenting on the networking skills revealed in the assessment questions, share more ideas, or just validate what your telling them.


  1. Google: networking skills.
  2. Find 12 skills.
  3. Multiply the number you use by 5.
  4. Use a scale similar…
    1. 0–24 You’re on life support.
    2. 25–36 Some good, some bad.
    3. 37–44 You’re heading in the right direction.
    4. 45–55 You’re almost there. Keep up the good work.
    5. 56–60 Keep on truckin’ baby!

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Introduce it (1-2 min.)
  2. Deliver the Assessment questions on by one (+/- 5 min.)
  3. Debrief the assessment. Provide relevant personal examples with chosen points. (+/- 10 min.)
  4. Closing remarks (+/- 3 min.)


  • Meeting Time: 20 minutes
  • Relevance to Business: 5
  • Professional Development: 8
  • Fun: 5
  • Engagement: 7
  • Professionalism: 10
  • Difficulty to do: 3
  • Difficulty to lead: 3 based on experience with networking


Having done a lot of networking and having literally maintained my business around networking, I can attest to the power of networking. If your audience engages in networking, this is will be a crowd-pleaser.


Disclaimer: There may be legalities to implementing my advice in a work environment or in a group setting that I may or may not be aware of. I am not an attorney, so nothing I say in this post or anywhere else on this website is to be interpreted or taken as legal advice. Ditto for accounting, therapeutic, investment, medical or any other advice requiring professional licenses or certifications.