Sweat Equity Saturday 2016_07_16 recap notes

Introductions. Two serial entrepreneurs. A stationary manufacturer and retailer, Terri Meier of PeepNotes. An accountant. A retail startup entrepreneur. An app development business hopeful. A social media expert and community organizer.

Topics varied as usual (entirely dependent on the presented interests of attendees present.) Each business has unique (to their business timeline) challenges and opportunities. Advantages of hard deadlines that drive progress. How to improve accounts receivables (Hint: freshbooks.com … the-best-invoice-payment-terms…/) Lean startup customer development principles and strategies. How to find your first few customers. Lots can be covered when you have 4 hours to dive deep!

However, what emerged as a common thread was critical business decision-making – what to do next!

We approached this common cause with an open discussion and the following:

Sorting business tasks into categories that help get perspective on priorities.

Specific strategies to keep you focused on what you should be doing. First things first type stuff.

  • O.H.I.O. – Only Handle It Once
  • Eat the frog – tackle the #1 priority task first thing
  • Turn off notifications on mobile devices and other devices
  • Prioritize correspondence response time
  • Print a daily recurring checklist and have it visible throughout the day
  • More

Focus question: “If you were to do everything you should be doing everyday, what would get done and what things would fall to the wayside naturally?” Leaving you feeling a sense of accomplishment and progress daily. Which, btw, eliminates the need to reward yourself as often recommended (hopefully you’re not doing things that move your business forward and you’re not intrinsically motivated by checking them off your list.)

More productivity solutions when wearing all the hats. Discussion topics promoting a recommendation of particular books participants have read or are reading (The Power of Less by Leo Babauta, Lean Customer Development by Cindy Alvarez, Eat the Frog by Brian Tracy.) Common sense principles to time management.



Thank you so much for such a great meeting!! I arrived at the workgroup feeling stressed and unclear about some important pieces of my business! I left feeling calm and more sure about what steps to take to combat this confusion!

I liked the group participation from brainstorming to sharing strategies. As different as our businesses were, I felt understood in my confusion. There were beginners and experts! A great mix!

Thanks Jade for pulling it all together and outlining steps to move forward. It was a great learning experience.

I am totally fine with using my name if you want and the [picture of the wipe] board!

Thank you so much!