Unit Test Integration Test Screen Shot

Unit Test vs. Integration Test Illustrates Product/Market Fit Fail

Sometimes an attempt at Product/Market Fit fail is best illustrated by the Unit Test vs. Integration meme.

Unit Test vs. Integration Test is an engineering meme, but it has real-world entrepreneurial application.

The Problem with Building Out Your Million-Dollar Idea:

Many startups are focused on building out their product or service to be ready for the build-it-and-they-will-come tsunami they envision. However, the rubber doesn’t in fact hit the road until there is Product/Market Fit (in terms of a ‘lean startup’). Meaning, the marketplace validates the idea with their pocketbook (or voting with their feet so to speak).

When this happens, often there is a rude awakening such as…


Meaning their idea works perfectly (unit fit) to solve a problem… that only they think needs to be solved or brings resolution to the need established (integration test).

The Solution to Failing Product/Market Fit

  1. Employing a lean startup approach can greatly improve your first run at product/market fit. Everything comes from your customer segment–everything. Build only what customers are begging for.
  2. After the fact, go back to the drawing board. What is your customer segment needing/wanting?

You need to plan for and execute both a successful unit test AND integration test before moving on to scale.∎